El Chata gana mención honorífica del jurado en FFY

El Chata gana mención honorífica del jurado en Latino and Iberian Film Festival at Yale – LIFFY. Muchas gracias al jurado por la importante distinción.
Felicidades a todos ganadores!


Fiction Feature Film

Best Feature Film:
Isla Rota (Broken Island), by Félix Germán
This movie highlights the present day validity of discussing issues related to race, colonialism, immigration and xenophobia; topics covered in Broken Island through an intimate point of view that also helps to understand the Masacre of Perejil, a historical fact almost forgotten from the official history of Dominican Republic.

Special Feature Film Honorable Mention:
El chata, by Gustavo Ramos Perales

Feature Documentary:

Best Feature Documentary: El Camino de Santiago, by Tristán Bauer
For the importance of memory, the representation of subaltern voices and their opposition to political systems.
Medium Length Documentary:

Best Medium Length Documentary:
Detroit’s Rivera, by Julio Ramos.
To Detroit’s Rivera for its lucid montage that interconnects the archival footage of Detroit, and Rivera’s process of painting.
Short Films:

Best Short Feature Film:
Uno, by Javier Marco

For its original mise en scène, that reveals a present day drama: the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean Sea.

Best Short Documentary Film:

Los viejos heraldos, by Luis Alejandro Yero.
For the delicate metaphorical representation of how an almost unbearable hope is shortened by a political context.

Short Film Honorable Mention:

I Love Lotus, by Patricia Ramos

Best Actor Feature Film:
Algenis Pérez Soto, for his performance in Isla Rota by Félix Germán.

Best Feature Film Actress:
Nashla Bogaert, for her performance in Reinbou by David Maler and Andrés Curbelo.

Best Short Film Actor:
Pedro Casablanc, for his performance in Uno by Javier Marco.

Best Short Film Actress:
Amalia Gaute, for her performance in I Love Lotus by Patricia Ramos.

Best Music for a Documentary:
Eliades Ochoa: From Cuba To The World, by Cynthia Biestek and Rubén Gómez.

Best Music for a Feature Film:
Somos calentura (We Are the Heat), by Jorge Navas

Heartfelt thanks to our expert jury (Elia K.Schneider, Lazaro J. González González, and Miguel A Rueda-Gonzalez) for all of the hard work and effort that they put into the awards process! Sincere thanks to all of the wonderful filmmakers that participated in LIFFY 2019!